Noah was diagnosed in utero with Dextracardia (heart on the right side), an ASD and VSD, Left Transposition of the Great Arteries, Patent Ductus Arterious, Pulmonary Atresia and Ventricular Inversion. He was born 4 weeks early by c-section at 10 pounds, 14.6 ounces, not the typical heart baby. At 23 months, Noah was scheduled for the Fontan completion. He was 36 inches tall and 36 pounds!! He adored Elmo, numbers and barking at the mailman with his "bad dogs". His smile and laugh could light up a room. We were constantly amazed at his love for others and his joy in the little things. Noah didn't tolerate the fontan, resulting in a takedown. He passed away in his father's arms 11 days before his second birthday due to complications from surgery. Raising awareness of CHD's is a very important part of our lives. We have organized a local support group for other families battling CHD. We go forward in remembrance of our sweet boy. He was a precious gift. We are thankful of the hope we have to hold him in our arms again some day.

Noah Alexander Rexin


Asleep in Jesus

Watch the video of Noah's story created by the KC AHA for the 2009 Heartball.

Watch a short slideshow of Noah's life and our life since.

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